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Who am I?

Well, we all know the power of good music - how it makes us feel and think about things we experience in life. We also know what it's like to jam to those good songs for hours and we love sharing those experiences with our friends and family.

When both those things come together, we know that we are in for a good time and that is what life is all about. So where do I come in?

When it comes to planning events, it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment. No one likes to have a tough time planning things for hours only for things not to end up like they had planned. This is where I can help. When it comes to needing a professional DJ - small events to large cooperate events - having a reliable DJ to setup and provide music services is the last things you want to worry about. I make the process easy for you by being reliable and make sure that you and your guests have the best time they possibly can.

I offer professional DJ and entertainment services for all your needs.

I feel blessed because I now have the option to play music at great venues in places with warm weather. I'm based in Florida and serve mainly South Florida, but travel if needed.

Travis is my name, but I prefer Amazing J. I like all types of music and like sharing this experience with others which is why I am a DJ.

Peace & Love.


- 100 % Satisfaction -


Finding a rhythm is key and I know how to find a rhythm! I love getting people on the dance floor and keeping them there. Keeping everyone entertained and having a good time is my number one goal!


I provide uplights for your any event upon request. My custom lights are perfect for setting the mood for any event and adds a nice touch that brings class and style to your event!


I am able to provide fully customized music and setups. Name your event, I've likely done it! I specialize in helping everyone feel comfortable and have a good time. Every event is tailored to your needs.




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